Weekly Release 1.7.5

Hello Internet!
Kicking off a day early here so you guys can have a fun Friday! And also the game happens to be in a pretty stable state, so… it’s good timing.
Thanks to everyone out that there’s playing and supporting the development with their feedback. It means the world to me. I’ll say that again: It means the world to me. Thanks for your support!

Download for Windows

What you’ll see in this update:
Some major performance optimization
God-mode – Visit Our Discord to learn how to enable this feature
Bullets no longer move through terrain
Heat-seeking bullet path-finding
Graphical updates

The Progress:
This week was a tough one, with performance optimization consuming most of my time. Fully implementing deactivation of all objects in regions off-screen, -was tricky but worth it. This will allow me to max out objects in the rooms with no fear of grinding CPUs to a halt. I also built some new enemies for upcoming levels, but you won’t see them in-game just yet. The upcoming zone will be a ‘mechanical’ zone, so think big robots/cyborgs. I really need to get moving on building those levels, but of course… Scope-creep, haha. I built some moving platforms (finally) which don’t appear in earlier levels. I also created some jello/springboard creatures that bounce your player upwards. They’re cute and fun, and should tie in nicely with loot rooms and hidden areas. You’ll be seeing this stuff pretty soon in upcoming releases.

Current Strategy
I’m thinking focusing more on mobility and varying movement mechanics more for the late-game as opposed to the heavy pattern-recognition challenges in the beginning. An idea I’m kicking around right now is gun-boots. The infamous double jump action that also shoots downwards to kill enemies below you, but in this version you can double and triple, basically hovering, or even slightly rising your character up. I’d like to combine this with a few areas that have denser gravity fields in late-game and in hidden rooms, but in general it will be a good addition to enable gating off upgrades on high platforms. Another concept I’m working on is a repulsion shield. It will have a recharge rate and a finite amount of hits to absorb before going down for a while. Just as the gun boots will help out when descending through sections. The repulsion shield will really help out in those situations where you can’t quite switch to grenades quick enough to shoot straight above you, or otherwise receive an unfortunate burst of damage.

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoy this game, and I appreciate your feedback and support.

Enable God-mode – Visit Our Discord to learn how to enable this feature

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