Game Features Update

Just wanted to share the game features that I plan to include in the Final release of this game. This is so exciting! Especially considering I’m about halfway there in development!

A retro style platformer that combines classic concepts and new twists.

  • 60+ minutes of gameplay with two difficulty levels
  • slick platforming feel
  • intense action and challenges
  • exploration but no progression barriers
  • many random elements
  • 60 areas to explore!
  • areas appear in random order within 4 distinct zones
  • quick + funny story NPCs
  • A mission to capture a nasty and elusive villain
  • an army of relentless henchmen with guns and explosives
  • a collection of terrifying and slightly intelligent creatures
  • Ugly bosses and mini-bosses that don’t play nice
  • A nasty and elusive villain
  • laser sounds PEW PEW PEW
  • multiple playable characters w/abilities
  • power-up system
  • Hidden unlockables
  • unlockable abilities and upgrades
  • Built in speed-run timer
  • High Score tracking
  • Keyboard only, Keyboard & mouse, or gamepad controls, ready-to-go
  • Replayable Fun
  • absolutely 100% FREE to play w/zero ads

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