Weekly Release 1.4.1 – the Mega Update

I’ve added some new features that draw inspiration from some classic 8 bit games.

This week I went crazy adding some features that are inspired from a very mega classic 8 bit game. I won’t say specific names, but if you’re a fan of platformers and 8 bit games, you’ll know who I mean when I say it was a very mega-game. This includes new enemies, environmental traps, and also a game over animation. I can’t say enough how happy I am with this direction. Also, the new enemies I’ve added have exponentially increased the difficulty of the game because they have instant-kill on collision. I’ve also added a few that give heavier damage and dive on the player if you get too close or shoot them. It’s so difficult now that – I’ve updated the difficulty levels to now say ‘normal’ and ‘insane’ instead of ‘casual’ and ‘challenging’ because really… the insane level is probably technically impossible. I haven’t been able to play through all the way in the insane mode. Maybe you can try? I would recommend the normal level though.

Download for Windows

I’m really stoked to start working on the next 14 levels and boss, now that the first zone is basically completed, and the game now supports keyboard, mouse, and gamepad inputs.

I’m considering adding ‘potions’ that could be used for occasional healing to help keep up the pace of the game, and to balance the new increased difficulty level. Let me know what you think of that idea?

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