One Month Update!

Seems like I’ve gotten a LOT done in a month. I’ve got about 87 hours into development here, and most if not all of the basic player mechanics are built. Special items and weapon power ups are working. We’ve got destruct-able blocks, enemies that fire weapons and bombs and fly towards you. Glitched blocks that sometimes explode, three guns to use, a high jump, energy tanks, rocket upgrades, health regeneration, animated portal/doors, a basic GUI … the list just goes on and on, but there are SO many more things to do.

I’m nearing a point where I can focus on building the levels which is VERY exciting! The aesthetics of the game are starting to fall into place, and I’m starting to think about when I’d like to plan on the initial alpha release of the game… I want to get a few more game areas built before I put a date in, but I’m thinking sometime this summer it’ll be ready to demo.

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