How it began…

A long time ago in a galaxy somewhere within Connecticut… A small boy got a Nintendo Entertainment System for Christmas and fell deeply in love with the joy of bouncing pixels around the screen and hearing the ‘pew pew pew’ sounds and explosions. He never stopped.

I’ve always wanted to make some retro-style games, and up until a few years back I really hadn’t taken programming seriously. Mostly because people told me that it required a ton of math skills, and I generally felt like I probably wasn’t smart enough to learn to code. Well… I was totally wrong. I learned JavaScript and Web development, and a few years later I’m a system engineer for a big company building ETL integrations and coding up Indie Games on my weekends.

So here we are: It’s 2019, I discovered the AMAZING software by Yoyo Games – Game Maker Studio 2. What can I say really other than – Game Maker is the perfect software to create 2D games. It’s blissfully simple and yet powerful. Everything is an object or an event. Everything seems to work exactly how you would expect, and if you’re even the slightest bit skilled with a couple of programming languages – you’ll be able to dive right into it effortlessly.

So I picked up the software on Feb 24th, we’re a few weeks into development now. I hired a couple pixel artists to generate characters for the game, and I’ve been actively working on the game mechanics, graphics, player, enemies and levels. There have been a few late nights already, and I’m absolutely loving this project.

So far I’ve managed to create a Metroid-style shooting player that can jump around from platform to platform, a few simple enemies, warp-portals, rocket, bullet, and laser projectiles, bombs that can be thrown by the player or the enemies, and a few NPC story events, and a basic GUI for the game.

It feels like I’ve gotten a lot done, and IMHO the game is already looking pretty good, but there is SO much more to be done.

My vision: I picture this game being a blissful marriage of the run and gun style of Contra, and the exploration/puzzle nature of Metroid with a casual feel and a whimsical story. I’ve licensed an excellent 8bit chiptune soundtrack from OZZED ( and I also intend to provide a few of my own EDM/Sci Fi tracks for the game. There will be plenty of fast-paced action, plenty of head-scratching puzzles, a rewarding special-item grind, and some funny story characters to break up the action.

If you’re interesting in playing the game when it’s released, or becoming part of our Beta testing program – all you’ve gotta do is subscribe to this blog for updates. Just subscribe below!

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